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Early History

In 1912 when the baker at the University of Notre Dame, Brother Willibrord, wrote to his hometown of Zevenaar in the Netherlands asking if anyone wanted to come to America and help him in the bakery at Notre Dame, Augustinus Cornelius Marie Eykholt ("August"), at age 17 and not speaking a word of English, answered that call and came to the United States. Hendrikus Johannes Joseph Eykholt ("Harry") came to the United States in 1914 at age 26. He, like his brother August, went to work in the bakery at Notre Dame.

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August Eykholt

August Eykholt, and his father-in-law, Fred Oberndorfer started Purity Bakery in 1924. Purity Bakery later became Dutch Maid Bakery. Harry worked at purity bakery with August. In 1935 he bought out August's share. Harry then sold the bakery in about 1939, moved out of state, came back and bought back the bakery in 1945. 

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Harry Ekyholt 

It was when he bought it back that he changed the name to Dutch Maid Bakery in honor of his daughter, Harriett - who would have been around 25 years old at the time. Harry's first wife, Harriett's mother, died when Harriett was only 2 years old. Harry took Harriett back to the Netherlands. He was very distraught over his wife's death and overwhelmed with having to raise Harriett by himself. It is said that Harry had intentions of asking his sisters to raise Harriett in the Netherlands. However, when it came time to leave, he couldn't leave Harriett and brought her back to America.




Recent History

Harry eventually decided to move back to Holland and sold Dutch Maid Bakery to William Rasmussen. Don & Norm Kramer eventually took over the bakery around 1958 co-owning it for 23 years. Note-Don’s wife Connie still works at the bakery to this very day. Connie is working on her 54th year dating back to October 1964. In 1981 Marv Yoder purchased Dutch Maid Bakery. Due to cancer Marv sold the bakery to Kevin & Lisa Spry in July of 1995. In December of 1999 Kevin sold the bakery to Jerry and Marilee Nixon. Dutch Maid Bakery was located at 225 S Main St in Goshen at that time. Due to demand and a vision for a retail/restaurant space the Nixon’s moved Dutch Maid to Linway Plaza in July of 2004. Now at 508 W Lincoln Avenue in Goshen. Seventeen later the Nixon’s were looking to retire. They sold Dutch Maid Bakery to Lyle & Gretchen Miller in May of 2017.